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UXinsight 2018

Conference for UX research professionals


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In-depth presentations

From the workings of human perception to ethics in research

Bart Schutz

Chief Inspiration Officer

Carine Lallemand

University of Luxembourgh

Jasper van Kuijk

Comedian & columnist
Stefan van der Stigchel

Stefan van der Stigchel

University of Utrecht

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Learn from leading businesses and interesting cases

Hands-on workshops

Theory only gets you that far. Get started right away.

Henk-Jan Journee

How do you perform a good test online

Henk-Jan Journee from Fibeo walks you through the process of online testing. In an interactive workshop he shows the pitfalls and tips and tricks to start with your own tests.

Anna Witteman & Emma Haagen

The 4 steps of experience mapping

Anna and Emma show you how to go through the 4 steps of experience mapping from uncovering customer behaviour and interactions to generating new ideas and telling the story.

Anna Witteman