Marshmallows, psychology and the future of UX (EN)

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Marshmallows, psychology and the future of UX – by Bart Schutz, Online Dialogue

We influence and improve human behaviour and experiences. We do this based on data and insights that we collect. But, what scientific knowledge do we actually have about factors that determine or influence human behaviour and experiences? And do we need to apply this scientific knowledge or build knowledge of our own (what Bart calls ‘evidence everything’)? And what if we actually learn about factors that influence human behaviour? What does that mean? What roll, skills and responsibilities does this bode for the future?



About Bart Schutz – Bart is (online) consumer psychologist, behavioural economist and passionate researcher on how our brain makes (subconscious) choices.

He is motivated to find out what determines human behaviour and how to influence it. Even more than scientific knowledge, Bart uses digital data analysis and digital experiments to find out.

Nowadays Bart is partner and co-founder of the international and award winning company Online Dialogue, often asked (international) speaker, author of, teacher of his own offline and online training “Master of Online Persuaion”, founder of ‘the Persuasionistas’, founder of the Task Force Internet and Consumer Psychology within the Dutch Institute for Psychologists, and president of the international Task Force “Internet & Psychology” of the European Federation of Psychology Associations.


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