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Exploring new service innovations for train travelers with Co-creative Design Research – by Geke van Dijk (STBY) & Joost Holthuis (Edenspiekermann)

As passenger numbers during rush hours are rising, and the frequency of incoming and outgoing trains is increasing, it is a big challenge to offer dynamic travel information to travelers on the platform. The two main public transport providers in The Netherlands, NS and ProRail, wanted to make this journey experience more comfortable, faster and safer for their passengers. STBY and Edenspiekermann worked closely together in a staged process of discovery and co-creation that included active involvement of travellers at key moments. As a result two break through service innovations were developed, prototyped and tested, and they are currently being implemented.


geke-van-dijkAbout Geke van Dijk – Geke van Dijk is co-founder and Strategy Director of STBY in London and Amsterdam. STBY is specialised in creative research for service design and innovation, and works for clients in industry and public sector. Geke has a background in ethnographic research, user-centered design and services marketing. She holds a PhD in Computer Sciences from the Open University in the UK.

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joost-holthuisAbout Joost Holthuis –  Joost is owner/partner and Creative Director at Edenspiekermann, an international multidisciplinary digital agency specialized in designing brand strategies, digital products & services. The agency has offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Singapore and Los Angeles, and is awarded number #1 full service digital agency 2016. He advises companies in different sectors and gives direction in a rapid changing world to multi-channel services. By applying human-centred and Service Design Thinking.

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