Experience mapping (FULL)

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Experience mapping – by Anna Witteman & Emma Haagen, IceMobile

(2x 45 min, max participants 20) – FULL, max participants reached

How can you measure the quality of the experience people are having with your service or your brand? Not just on a single channel but on all channels? How do you know what drives people & what their ‘moments of truth’ are? How do you identify opportunities from that? In order to tackle these questions we use a customised version of the Adaptive Path’s Experience Mapping method. In the workshop we’ll walk you, step by step through Experience Mapping and show why it is such a useful tool for us at IceMobile. We will also exemplify Experience Mapping with a couple of different project cases in which we used this method.


anna-wittemanAbout Anna Witteman – Anna is an UX designer & UX researcher at IceMobile with over 10 years of experience. Anna loves to challenge the ‘WHY‘ of user actions. Three years ago Anna started the UX Lab (also referred to as team WHY) to give a voice to our users and to drive innovation. Today the UX Lab validates all concepts & products with all our users worldwide. IceMobile creates and develops apps for retailers worldwide. Currently IceMobile has apps live in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands and USA.

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emma_haagenAbout Emma Haagen – Emma is a UX Researcher / Data-storyteller at IceMobile – the International Mobile Agency for Food Retail. Emma holds a master’s degree in Design for Interaction from the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, and has over three years of work experience in Interaction Design and UX Research. She is eager to truly understand the user and tell the story of the user through data.