Insightful UX methods (EN)

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Insightful UX methods – from research to practice  – by Carine Lallemand, University of Luxembourg

While UX practitioners are working hard at the front to design better products or services, scientists work in the shadows to develop a myriad of novel and highly valuable theories and methods.

During this talk, you will discover this ever-growing UX toolbox that could greatly support you in collecting richer, insightful and more valid data. We will also show you how your daily UX research practices can be backed up and enriched by scientific research on human experience.

If you’re not yet convinced that academia might be relevant for practice, you’ll be excited to discover that together we have the power to better understand users in order to design desirable experiences, create business value and societal impact. Get inspired by concrete methodological examples and boost the value of your upcoming projects!


carine-lallemand-458-everglowAbout Carine Lallemand – Carine is a research scientist in Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Luxembourg. Her research work is mainly focused on UX design and evaluation methods. She is the Vice-President of FLUPA, the French local chapter of the UX Professionals’ Association (UXPA). Carine recently wrote a handbook titled ”UX Design Methods’’ (Eyrolles, 2015) and is a main organizer of FLUPA UX-Days, the premier annual event for French-speaking UX practitioners. When she’s not fully immersed in the world of UX, Carine is living out her passion for hot air ballooning.


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