How attention works (EN)

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How attention works – by Stefan van Stigchel, University of Utrecht 

Advertisements, traffic lights, banners, shopping windows and push notifications: the battle for our attention is strongly growing. And sometimes the consequences might be a matter of life or death. How does this work? Why do some things immediately attract our attention, while others don’t?cover-zo-werkt-aandacht

Experimental psychologist Stefan van der Stigchel will show us how we process information, why we are observing more than we think and what the consequences are for our daily life.

He will describe techniques to steer attention, which are used by ‘attention architects’  (e.g. advertisers and designers of public spaces and websites) for our advantage ánd disadvantage.

Stefan van der StigchelAbout Stefan van der Stigchel – Stefan van der Stigchel is associate professor at the University of Utrecht and head of the research group AttentionLab. The group’s aim is to study how attention and visual awareness influence our perception of our world. Stefan is a member of the Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and author of a recent book about Attention (“Zo werkt aandacht”).