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Na registratie staat de koffie en thee voor je klaar. Neem ook rustig de tijd om te bekijken wat de verschillende leveranciers aan UX Research tools en dienstverlening te bieden hebben. Ze staan de hele dag voor je klaar om alles te vertellen over de mogelijkheden:


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Noldus – Facereader and integrated UX labs

“You will get a chance to learn more about automatic facial expression analysis and integrated UX labs at the UX Insights event! With labs at companies and universities, researchers from all around the world use Noldus tools to investigate system performance, customer-application interaction, and more, in a controlled laboratory environment or on-site. With over 25 years of experience, Noldus provides both the tools and the trained consultants to answer your business needs.”

  • Website Noldus



FocusVision – Revelation

“Join us for an interactive look at our online activity-based research platform, Revelation, where you’ll learn about different approaches and tools to dive deeper into users and their experiences. Drawing upon case studies, we’ll show how mobile activities are a very effective way to reach participants during, or close to, the experience and how other tools, such as Concept Canvas, can provide instant feedback on your ads, concepts, and packaging as well as personal experiences, feelings and drivers.”

  • Website FocusVision