User involvement at TomTom (EN)

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How at TomTom we Discover UX Issues and areas for improvement to make better and easier products – by Jasper van Hemert, UX Research lead at TomTom

At TomTom we deploy a wide range of user involvement methodologies in various stages of the design development process. In this talk we will show examples of these methods as well as how they’ve impacted new version of existing products as well the rise of entire new product categories.

About Jasper van Hemert – “Technology has the potential to brighten lives. It can also do the opposite. User-centered design can help to realize this potential when you’re sensitive to the business needs and the technical limitations. I like to show you how we try to pull that off at TomTom – an organization with more than 4000 people.”

Jasper van Hemert leads the design research at TomTom. This encompasses sports products, wearables, action cameras, car & motorcycle products, apps and web applications. He has over a decade of experience with developing user-driven products and services. Jasper has a background in human-factors psychology, philosophy and web development.