Will data take over UX research? (EN)

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Will data take over UX research? (EN)  – by Michel Vennema, De Statistiekfabriek

Will data replace UX research? The costs of data storage are continuously dropping, we’re collecting ever more data and algorithms and machine learning are beating ‘us’ on multiple disciplines. How will (and is) this changing UX research? Will it even be necessary in it’s current form? In this talk Michel will take you through some interesting developments in data analysis and machine learning, but also give advice on how to already incorporate basic web analytics in your UX research.

Michel bespreekt in een half uur de laatste tools en ontwikkelingen en de manieren waarop data en UX elkaar kunnen versterken.


michel_vennemaOver Michel Vennema – Michel Vennema is senior Digital Analyst and founder of De Statistiekfabriek. He helps organisations in growing toward a more data driven company. Michel supports organisations in the whole process, from measurement KPI’s and data collection to analysis, optimization and personalisation.